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Big Autumn Move Almost Completed

Our Autumn move of rehabilitated kangaroos to their delayed-release site is now nearing completion; with their eventual release on 2000 acres of remote private wildlife sanctuary land. Thirty four animals have so far been translocated to the five acre pre-release enclosure with another three to be moved in the next few days. A further 30 kangaroos will be translocated and released in Spring. Kangaroo translocation and release back to the wild has to be undertaken very sensitively and with a lot of care and consideration to achieve full success. Each of these rehabilitated kangaroos has a unique story to tell about the initial ordeal that brought them into care and their ultimate recovery at Possumwood. They include the following:

  • Max: A 70kg male with a severe head injury, fractured zygoma orbit and palate and fractured humerus from a MVA. Rescued at midnight from busy road.

  • Mum and at heel joey: Both rescued from an animal cruelty situation where they were denied movement and water and where chased by children on motorcycles in extreme heat conditions.

  • Venus: An orphan raised from 320 grams to 25kgs at release.

  • Maya: A 2kg orphan with a leg deformity that was corrected through surgery. 20kg at release.

  • Butterfly: An orphan at-heel joey rescued while drinking from deceased mother. 18kg at release

  • Mickey: An orphan from another carer following surgery to remove crystals in urethra. 25kg at release.

  • Beau: 30kg female kangaroo with a pelvic injury from an MVA. Rescued from a busy highway.

  • Banksia: A 20kg female rescued with pelvic injury from MVA.

  • Princess Rosalinda: Orphaned 2kg female wallaroo with fractured tail and humerus from MVA. Full recovery and 15kg at release.

  • Tammy: 12kg female kangaroo found lying near a dam for several days with fractured pelvis. Full recovery and released at 20kgs.

  • Lucy: Mother shot through the mouth by trespassers to a property. Still alive the mother, with infected wounds, still carried her joey (Lucy) but could not toilet her. The mother had to be euthanased and Lucy had ulcerated eyes from the urine in the mother's pouch. Lucy had to have both eyes sutured closed to allow the ulcers to heal. Lucy has made a full recovery and now is a big girl at 20kg at release.

  • Terry: The all-grown-up male joey of a much loved kangaroo from our property called Tangalina.

  • Prissy: A rescued fence hanger with full recovery and 20kg at release.

  • Gus: A rescued fence hanger with full recovery at 25kg.

  • Pixie: Rescued from the ACT before their rangers could shoot her as they tend to do with wildlife. She made a complete recovery from illness and released at 20kg.

  • Braid: A 20kg female with joey in pouch rescued from a difficult situation in Braidwood. From Possumwood she has been moved to the delayed release site pre-release enclosure.

  • Muffit: A 20kg female raised as an orphan from 750 grams.

  • Curly: An at-heel dependent male joey with a serious infection rescued by us. Made a full recovery in care and is now released at 17kg.

  • Sassy: Came into care as a 700 grams female furless joey. Dehydrated, undernourished and overheated. Made a full recovery in care and is released at 20 kg.

  • Errol: Sassy's joey, released with her mother

  • Ridge: An MVA, fractured tibia. Full recovery. 20kg at release

  • Sunshine: Freya's joey. Released at 18kg.

  • Tara: rescued by Steve, severe concussion and end of tail degloved. Full recovery and released at 25kg.

  • Ditch: rescued by Steve from a deep hole in the ground into which she had fallen as a small joey.

  • Blues Brother #1: A rescued fence hanger. A full recovery and released at 20kg.

  • Blues Brother #2: A rescued orphan.

  • Cherry Blossum: Orphan from an MVA with a fractured foot and tail. Made a full recovery and released at 18kg.

  • Dancer: Orphaned when her rescued mother died from injuries from being caught in a fence. Dancer released at 18kg.

  • Beaver: A male Wallaroo rescued with a fractured foot as a joey. A full recovery. Released at 15kg.

  • Barney: An infected leg from a dog attack. A full recovery.

  • Kenny: Kenny is Lucy's big boy. He grew up totally at Possumwood. Kenny is around 30kg at release.

  • Scooter: A fence injured juvenile transferred from another carer. Fully recovered and released at 25kgs.

  • Inca: Offspring of Maya .


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