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Crackles and Dr Who

Crackles was a 5kg kangaroo joey who was found alone in a paddock being attacked by a fox (28 October, 2013). He suffered fractured ribs, severe abdominal bruising and extensive puncture wounds to head, neck and back. From his injuries Crackles developed subcutaneous emphysema, a potentially fatal situation where air increasingly occupies space under the skin. The veterinarian believed his prognosis was poor.

Dr Who was a 5kg at-heel joey who was rescued in suburbia in a highly stressed state without his mother. We do not know what became of his mother. He was not injured but highly stressed, would not settle and would destructively throw himself around his environment.

Both Crackles and Dr Who suffered post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and with a lot of one-on-one care and medication have recovered and are now good friends.


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