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Tammy and Danny

Tammy had been lying near a farm dam for three days without her mother before being brought into care. She was 5kg and had pelvic fractures and a deep laceration to her ankle involving an ankle ligament. She was unable to stand and was very dehydrated.

Danny was a 5kg joey rescued from inside his dead mother’s pouch. He had been fending off an attack from a fox when rescued. The fox had begun to tear at the mother’s pouch to get to the joey. Danny was highly stressed and agitated when brought to our recovery centre by a rescuer. He had no injuries but the rescuer had considerable difficulty in getting Danny out of his dead mother’s pouch.

Both Tammy and Danny had suffered Post-traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) but with the correct medication and lots of one-on-one attention from their carer they have recovered and are now inseparable.


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