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Recovery centre

There are seven enclosed areas that help in the recovery and release of the injured macropods at Possumwood. All of the macropod enclosures were built around the facility that contains the veterinary hospital and the volunteers accommodation so the animals are under consistent observation and care.

These include:


Contained indoor convalescent areas with rubber mat/carpet and mattresses for the severely injured and immobile animals that enable easy access for daily medical treatment such as wound dressing changes, physio and antibiotics and prevents the occurrence of pressure sores.


An indoor joeys area equipped with hanging pouches, beds and sofas and used at night for small bottle-fed macropods with its own access to a small enclosure. 


A small crèche enclosure to enable animals regaining their mobility to get exercise and sunlight and to get used to the noises in the wider environment located directly outside the volunteers accommodation. 


1/ 4 acre small enclosure with brushy vegetation for small animals, wallabies and joeys. 


Two main macropod enclosures that include shelters, food pods and water troughs.  


Three enclosures and an outdoor playpen / nursery for wombats.

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