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November new-comers

Possumwood had 10 rescues in November -a bit quieter than the previous month with 20 rescues. Steve was called to help a 20 kg Eastern grey (EG) kangaroo hit on the Kings highway. I met him as I was returning from the wildlife vet -Dr Howard Ralph at about midnight. Unfortunately this animal did not survive the night but at least he was safe and comfortable with analgesia, sedation and a soft, warm bed.

Benice -a helper at Possumwood dreads full moon as this is when in good weather the animals are more active and are injured on the roads. She had already moved five EGs off the road on the Federal Highway when she found a little 900g furless joey in one of the females pouches. It was Melbourne Cup Day and we named him Rafke after the poor brave horse who died as a result of that race. Rafke is doing very well. On her way home again that night at about midnight Benice rescued another poor MVA victim lying on the road on the Federal Highway. She was about 15 kg and also was brought back to Possumwood but did not survive the night.

Sophie was the next little joey to come into care. Another MVA orphan, her mother had severe injuries. Sophie was lucky that the ACT ranger who rescued her was one of the kind ones who will call a rescuer rather than bash or behead the orphan joeys as is the usual practice in the ACT. This practice is sanctioned by the Minister for Municipal Services – the only Greens MP in the ACT.

Donnelly-a 6 kg EG joey was rescued by Steve from a fence – hanging by one leg. Luckily his hip was not dislocated but we have concerns regarding the ischaemic injury to his foot. A sad little joey he would often call his mother when he first arrived.

Martin – an 8 kg EG joey was rescued from a fence by Steve and Rosemary. Hanging by one leg on a very hot day he was lucky he had tree shelter. Martin is a very gentle, quiet boy who loves his bottles of formula.

Jimmy was rescued by Benice and named after Steve’s father as he arrived on his birthday. A 900 g EG joey he was also a MVA orphan.

Rodger raven was run over -straddled – by five cars before I could get him off the road. I was again on my way home from the vet on the Kings Highway not far from Possumwood. We kept Rodger quiet in a large cage overnight. Next morning Rodger was creating so much noise and commotion trying to get out when all the other birds came in for food and water very early that we said bye -bye Rodger and let him out. He gleefully flew away.

Tiny Terry turtle was also rescued near Possumwood. He was trying to cross a busy road. Again I was able to get him off the road before he was crushed. He was uninjured and with great gusto ran down the bank and plunged into the water in the large dam at Possumwood.

Cassandra – another MVA orphan, was rescued by Benice. A beautiful 800 g female EG joey, Cassandra had an injury at the tarsometatarsal joint and the pull of the Achilles tendon was causing deformity of the calcaneus. The ankle was strapped to counteract the pull of the Achilles and she saw Dr Ralph the next day and her ankle was splinted. She is doing well.


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