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A new beginning for Scottie the wombat

Rosemary and I rescued Scottie last September. He had been attacked by dogs and was in a bad way. But this was to be his lucky day. His wounds and his general condition were so bad most other rescuers would probably have had him euthanised.

Fortunately our wildlife veterinarian could see him the same day and after a lengthy procedure to clean out seven very deep incisor wounds he came back to Possumwood for the recovery stage. After three months in recovery all his wounds had healed and he weighed a strapping 37 kgs.

Last week Scottie went to his new home at Hammers Hill wildlife sanctuary. A perfect place for a wombat. There is much more to tell about our adventures with Scottie and a full story with pictures will be posted in the wombat stories section shortly.


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