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Preparing for the next wildlife catastrophe

Almost all the 30 fire victims that came to Possumwood have now recovered and been released. Just a few more that had the worst burns are waiting to return to the wild over coming weeks. The past ten months dealing with the fire victims together with all the other injury trauma cases that ordinarily come in has been exhausting for Rosemary and me.

Our results have been excellent, and we have learnt a lot on top of the experience we gained treating and caring for burns trauma victims from other fires. So much so and with the encouragement of others, we have decided to expand and upgrade our facilities here at Possumwood to be ready for the next catastrophe. The Humane Society International, Animals Australia, Veterinary Emergency Management Australia (VEMA) and the Animal Rescue Cooperative (ARC) have endorsed us being a key triage centre for future wildlife catastrophes. Its great to be recognised for the work we do for injured and traumatised native wildlife. We are aiming to have our treatment, recovery, and research centre upgrade fully operational before Summer.

There are many organisations and individuals to thank for the help they are giving us to progress to this next level of capability. We mention the following organisations in particular: The Humane Society International (HSI), the Animal Rescue Cooperative (ARC), Animals Australia, Animal Disaster Response Germany, Vets for Compassion and the Native Animal Rescue Group (NARG).

Donations for our work are 100 percent tax deductible PLEASE DONATE NOW

Steve and Rosemary were already working around the clock with more than 100 animals in care before this bushfire season began.

Regular updates will be posted on the Possumwood Facebook page:


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